Short Stay Course – UK Players visit MV8

Nov 13, 2018 | MV8 Football Academy News | 0 comments


This week, we had the pleasure of welcoming 4 English boys to MV8 Football Academy. The trip was made possible thanks to our UK Representative, Adam Bradley.

“It’s been a great opportunity for the boys to test themselves. The intensity and frequency of the training here isn’t something they are used to in the UK and I felt they adapted and applied themselves fantastically”.

Fabian Crane (15), Daniel Digges (15), Ian Kramer (16) and Lewis Hoy (17) all took part in MV8 Football Academy’s training sessions which, as well as the technical aspect, included; a mid week game against local opposition , fitness training, evening training with our collaborators Nervion, Spanish classes, and a tour of the Real Betis stadium.

It has been an action packed week as the 4 boys got a real opportunity to experience daily life at MV8 Football Academy.

Everyone at MV8 Football Academy hopes the boys enjoyed their stay and we would love to see them all again soon!

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