Seung-Woo Lee does not find his spot

May 13, 2016 | MV8 Football Academy News | 0 comments


The young South Korean player aged 18 does not get a support in the Juvenil A FC Barcelona.

Adapting to a new team is never easy, and even harder if it also involves a drastic change of life and culture as it happens to the protagonist of our story.

Seung-Woo Lee arrived last summer to Spain to play for the Blaugrana, but for a variety of reasons, he can’t adapt to the level of competition required in a club like Barcelona.

Since turning 12, Woo-Lee has demonstrated his enormous potential, starting at the Danone Nations Cup finals in Barcelona, where the Barca team already noticed his technical and tactical skills.

The young Korean Seung-Woo arrived at the quarry of FC Barcelona last summer, but he has not shown his best so far.

The young striker plays for Barca Juvenil A, Division of honor, where has not finished blunting, which is a concern in the offices of the club who have made a strong commitment to the Korean.

Woo-Lee can also boast of having been declared best promise of Asia in the AFC U16 Championship, besides having played a sub17 world cup. His future is promising, both at club level and internationally, so we will surely see him occupying the front pages of newspapers in the near future.

The adaption has been difficult for the new youth players of Barcelona, not only for all the entails that has to reach a team like blaugrana characteristics, but also for the sanction imposed by FIFA to the club, and that has not allowed any of the new players to debut until January.

Hopefully, Seung – Woo Lee, as well as players MV8 , come to achieve their best , and succeed in professional football . If you want to prepare to be a great player, click here.

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