A group of players from Maryland, America, is welcomed in MV8 Academy.

Apr 29, 2016 | MV8 Football Academy News | 0 comments

The young boys from USA came in MV8 Academy to get a feel for the culture and take part in training.

Football was the main reason of their trip, and during their stay, they had two hours morning training daily, with the technical staff of MV8, in the fantastic facilities of Pablo de Olavide University. They could also enjoy two friendly matches with the players of the academy, and were also able to experience the training sessions with Nervion Semi Pro Club, according to their category.

The young Americans have experienced the quality training of high intensity, performed by the head coach and founder of MV8, Massimo Valenziano, who commented: “It was an interesting experience for all of us. The american boys displayed determination, enthusiasm and passion. Football (Soccer) in US is growing fast and most of the boys had a good technical standard. I believe that in the near future many US players will play in Europe with top clubs.”


The best of this experience were the relationships created,and after a nice coexistence, both newcomers and those already resident in MV8, were able to enjoy the various activities and entertainment offered by the Residence Rosario Valpuesta.

During their stay in Seville, the american players were also able to visit the oldest historical center of Europe, the stadiums of Sevilla FC and Real Betis, along with a joint visit to the city of Cadiz where they could enjoy a walk along the Cadiz coast.

The coordinators of the american group, left impressed with the treatment received by the MV8 staff, besides the beauty of Seville, the spectacular weather that accompanied them during their stay, and the kindness and empathy of the citizens. Sofiane Ouldbrahim, one of the American coordinators, said: “Once we arrived to Seville we felt the professionalism of the MV8 Academy staff. During our stay in Academy, we discovered the Professional Soccer life of 5-6 hours practice per day. We truly believe that we should come back and will give recommendation to other players who want to experience the soccer/football at a high level coaching.”

Hopefully we will see them soon at the MV8 academy, or succeeding in top clubs.

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