5 things you should do if you want to play football at the best leagues in Europe

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How to play football in Europe?

Many youth players ask themselves: “How can I play football in Europe?”

This is one of the most frequently asked question for every aspiring footballer from outside of Europe. Usually they come from Africa, America and Asia, but there is also much aspiring talent in other areas like Australia or the Middle East. Players from all over the world wants to kickstart their career in Europe as they are aware that the best leagues, clubs, and opportunities are in Europe. Most precisely in Spain, England, Italy or The Netherlands among others.

Why playing football in Europe is a good idea?

The European continent has been the epitome of top level football for over many decades now. It is home to the most popular football clubs in the world and as a continent embraces footballing culture on every level, which makes it obvious why every footballer from every part of the world considers Europe the land of opportunity. Amongst Europe, Madrid is one of the best destinations to play football, we explain you why here.

It’s where every footballer feels exhilarated to finally showcase all those years of practice put into use in front of a buzzing audience like nothing else in the world.
Iconic stadiums, home to countless legends of football, unbelievably energized crowds, handsome salaries, training facilities of the highest quality and some of the best coaches to get trained by are some of the many reasons why football players choose to come play in Europe when the opportunity presents itself.

But what does it take to actually compete with the likes of professional players in Europe?

To make it simple, it can be broken down to 5 simple things to be etched into your footballing spirit:

1 – Goal setting:

As an aspiring professional football player, it’s important to set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound (SMART).
It’s a simple fact that you can’t reach a target you can’t see. To play in Europe and break into the big leagues, you need a great work ethic, values of consistency, patience and relentlessness and more for which you need a guiding star which will be the goal that will not allow you to stray off your path.


2 – Consistency:

As mentioned before, consistency is one of the key aspects of making it to the top level. There’s obviously no magical way to secretly get better without actually putting in the work. It’s important to set goals for training and food habits, tracking progress in strength and performance and just about anything. Small but consistent efforts in the long run almost easily outweigh inconsistent or occasional effort in training and looking out for opportunities.


3 – Create personal training plans:

Without a coach behind your back full time, it might not always be easy to do what needs to be done. It’s necessary for a professional athlete to be strict and disciplined. In ALL that he does and everything from physical training to the nutrition for oneself must be planned out in advance in order to be in a gradually progressing path for a footballer.


4 – Measure/Track performance:

It is crucial, in order to play football in Europe, to track your performance using any metric that can help you see progress. Regardless of whether its little or not is a good way to see how far you’ve come and track your rate of progress, to see if there are potential adjustments to make in your plan or which key areas of your performance you could work on.

5 – Be on the lookout for Trials:

Lastly, the only way to showcase all the hours of effort put into yourself come to fruition is if a talent scout of a European team gets the chance to watch you in action. And no scout or club is going to come knocking on your doorstep by themselves. So the best way to increase your chances of being spotted is by finding and participating in more trials or football academy programs from various lengths to choose.

Football academies like MV8 are well equipped with knowledge about training, diet, tactics and opportunities perfectly keeping in mind the needs and goals of foreign players that are new to the European football landscape.

We have taken some of our players to professional Leagues and we take pride of having one of the most effective training methods. You can see here some of our success stories.

Take your first step closer to your dream of playing on European soil by joining us!


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    Iam a young professional sierra leonean footballer who wants to achieve my dream to become a footballer. I really need your help.
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