Football Performance: Improve now your balance and coordination

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How good balance and coordination make a big difference in footballing performance.

If you are reading we assume you are aware of the importance that balance and coordination have for every single football player. In this post we will show you how you can work to improve your football balance and coordination. In previous posts we have giving advice covering other related topics like the importance of nasal breathing for football players Before we dive into the benefits of having really good balance and coordination translate onto the pitch, we must get a more clear understanding of what these terms essentially mean as an athlete.

What is coordination?

Coordination is the capacity to move two or more body parts under control, smoothly, and efficiently. Coordination is a difficult talent that needs not just strong balance but also high levels of strength and agility.

What is balance?

Balance is the ability to stay upright or in control of bodily movement.

Types of balance

There are two different forms of balance, namely: Static and dynamic balance. When the body is stationary, static balance maintains equilibrium; during movement, dynamic balance maintains equilibrium. Dynamic balance is extremely important in a game like football where players tend to make shorter, quicker sprints with multiple changes in direction. To keep our equilibrium, we employ our eyes, hearing, and ‘body sense’. Balance and coordination may be enhanced via specialized sports practice and instruction. Balance also has a lot to do with muscle memory to a great degree. Dynamic balance is the capacity to maintain a center of gravity over a continually shifting base of support. You should engage in workouts that gradually increase the difficulty of her or his dynamic balance and postural control. Physically, it puts a lot of strain on your body since you’re continuously trying to balance yourself while your legs move away from you. How does a player like Messi stay on his feet and avoid harming himself while twisting and turning around multiple defenders? Having a steady and strong core is the key according to Reggie Tang, a well recognised physiotherapist.

Your hamstrings and glutes are very crucial because they must keep you steady while also training your body to be comfortable with your legs stretched out away from the body.

So, how can you train and improve your balance and coordination?

Exercises requiring the usage of various surfaces (firm to unstable) can help you achieve this. Incorporate some of these exercises into your routine if you want to run circles around your opponents without losing your footing:

  1. Squats (essentials)
  2. Lunges/ Alternating lunges
  3. Single leg russian deadlift
  4. Pistol squat/Assisted pistol squat

Do keep in mind that these football balance and coordination exercises require a gradual progression in difficulty

So pick easier progressions to begin with depending on your current physical capabilities. It’s always more important to make steady and lasting progress than quick progression when it comes to training in order to avoid injury and allow your body to truly adapt to new movements. Our boys here at MV8 Madrid Football Academy have personalized training plans catering to each individual’s own needs and capabilities, that help them reach their true potential in the safest manner possible.

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